The FCS Wedge – 2017-0105 – LISTEN UP!

Well folks, this is our final podcast of the FCS season. Been a very enjoyable journey this season and I thank Kris & Lance for putting forth a diligent effort to bring us these quality discussions this season.

The boys go over each team in the Chipper and follow their path through the donnybrook of FCS to arrive at their lofty perches in Frisco, TX.

A brief perusal and a couple of predictions of what they think could happen next season for a couple of teams and conferences and it is worth listening to…especially if you are a UC Davis fan.

JMU & YSU teams, fans, & anyone else on this ride, we wish you good luck and good health in the upcoming game on Saturday and may you put on one hell of a show for all that have the good fortune to watch you play.

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