AGS Poll History & Description


The AGS Poll is commonly called a fan poll.  This is true to the extent that our voters are fans of various FCS teams across the US of A.  This is not dissimilar to a media poll where it’s poll members follow and report a single team or league.  A coaches poll also has members that follow a single team or conference and know their own team or conference the best.

The defining difference in the AGS Poll is that our voters debate each team in the poll exhaustively on a daily basis during the season.

Our voting members have to meet a minimum criteria of time and active discussion on FCS topics before becoming a member of the voting bloc.

The ballots are vetted each week in an effort to catch any possibilities of mistaken identities on teams as well as duplication or any other errors we can spot.  If a possible error is spotted then it is corrected.  If it is not an error and still looks odd then the voter must defend his/her ballot.

So what does all that mean?  It means that the AGS Poll is the best representation of where FCS teams are most likely at in the overall power structure of FCS Football.  For the last decade the AGS Poll has correctly predicted more playoff teams than any other poll in the universe…that we know of anyway.

There is no other voting bloc out there that has a more well rounded and overall knowledge of FCS Football teams that the voters in the AGS Poll.