The FCS Wedge – 2016-0928 – LISTEN UP!

fcs wedge logo bSo what are the fella’s talking about this week?  Kris has the wheel this week and they jump into a couple more FBS upsets, they also discuss the big games from last week like UM/Cal Poly, Jax State/Liberty, and all the others.  They look at WIU and the win over NIU and just the general studliness the Necks have shown thus far.

AGS Poll and the fast moving fluidity and the great job done by the voters each week is up next with the discussion of the teams in the poll this week.

They move along to the upcoming big games this week.  SFA/SHSU, W&M/UNH,  Ill. State/NDSU, and several others on the slate this week.

In the final quarter these fine young men go over some of the other fine young men on FCS offenses around the country that you should maybe be paying a bit of attention to if you consider yourself a person in the know.

You are here, the podcast is here, it seems like a match made in heaven so na na na, hey hey hey click play.

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