The FCS Wedge – 2018-1218 – Wk16 (Rd.4) REVIEW

Topic 1 Games

  • North Dakota State 44 South Dakota State 21
  • Eastern Washington 50 Maine 19

Topic 2 What we learned

  • Weaker conferences like the NEC, Big South, and Patriot are still quite a ways behind the power conferences.
  • It’s really hard to reach the Championship Game.
  • Home field matters.

Topic 3:

  • Are the playoffs only about crowning a champion?
  • Has the FCS become boring?
  • Are FCS teams less talented today than a decade ago?

This is the last show until after the Christmas break when we will come back right after New Year to breakdown the title game as well as what our thoughts from this terrific season of FCS Football.

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