The FCS Wedge – 2016-10-05- LISTEN UP!

Wow, this is a good show so jump in to the groove of this week’s FCS topics with Lance & Kris.  They go over the large number of Top 25 AGS ranked teams taking a tumble down the list this week due to some head scratching losses.  They hit the AGS Top 25 list like usual and they do so with the eloquence of a 1970’s Casey Kasem.

The fellas like to prep us minions for the bigger games of the week and they hit the Richmond/Albany affair along with several others that I’ll let them surprise you with.  Lastly this week, defense, you can’t win dumb sign contests without it so the boys go over some of the possible ICYMI defensive standouts so far this season.  You should listen, it’s fun.  Consider this our long distance dedication to you.

You’re welcome.

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