The FCS Wedge – 2016-1117 FCS Selection Process (Mark Wilson)

It is that time of year and as such a re-broadcast from last season is appropriate for this upcoming weekend and Selection Sunday in FCS Football.

In an interview done with Mark Wilson, chair of the FCS Selection Committee on 12/05/2015 by The FCS Wedge we found out directly from him the steps in the process.

There are rules and guidelines (of course) that the committee must abide by.  He carefully explained the process  and I really think you should listen.  It gets sort of old seeing all the conspiracy theories of how or why the committee doesn’t do exactly what you wanted them to do.

If you are one of those conspiracy theorists then please give it a listen and be less dumb on the subject.  it will help out society as a whole I think.

If you are sharp enough to know better than all that silly made up subterfuge then good for you but you should still listen just to know a bit more and deliver a resounding verbal/text beat down to those that like to make up their own facts on the matter.

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