Lance & Kris hit this last show of the season running and give us some in depth looks at both sides of both teams and how they apear to match up with each other. This is one of the top games as far as pedigree and competitiveness we may have seen. This, as always is a huge game but this one is between two teams that have clearly, clearly shown themselves to be a cut above the rest of the field this season. This is gonna be great folks.

The L&K Express go over a few of the coaching changes around the country as well.  They take a look back at some of their favorite FCS Championship games of the past and give a bit of commentary on their favorites.

The boys give a little credit to our fine folks that provide some write ups on our conferences and I want to back that up. The FCS Wedge in all forms is simply a group of fans that have come together to provide some content on our favorite level of football. Everybody puts in hard work and just does the job without complaint.

Chief among all are Lance & Kris and the great content they give me every week to turn out a podcast that is just fun for me to edit and put together. I have a chuckle and learn so much listening to them and going over their hard work each week. A deep and heartfelt thanks to you two guys and to all the others that help put The FCS Wedge together each and every week.

If you get a chance and like the product I’d really appreciate if you tipped your cap to all these folks working on The FCS Wedge via the thread over on

If you don’t like it, I’d appreciate it if you kept it to yourself.

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