AGS Top 25 – How They Fared – Week 4 – 2021

With all but one game in the books (Southern @ Mississippi Valley State; Sun, Sep 26), I am posting the How They Fared sheet for Week 4.

In this week’s edition, I have decided to include teams that have been ranked at any point during the season (and I will continue this for the remainder of the year). Although these teams are outside the current top 40, this might help in either not forgetting about them (or having further reason to forget about them) when it comes to rankings. It will also help me to keep up with teams that enter/exit the poll each week. These teams will be listed near the bottom of the sheet.

This week, the top 11 teams were undefeated (or did not play), and the bottom 14 teams were a combined 3-9, with only East Tennessee State, Missouri State, and Virginia Military Institute winning (all one score games, one OT game, and at least one game where a team had to take the ball away not once, but twice to have a shot at the end).

This week also marks the end of most FBS/lower division games, with conference play in full swing next week for everyone. Happy polling, and if you notice any mistakes, please let me know.


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